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Never Miss Another Online Referral From Facebook Again!

Handling Today’s Consumers focus is to assist and guide people on developing an online presence, successful lead generation and brand awareness within social media.

HTC take a mature and cost effect approach to getting small businesses online effectively by either showing you with a 90 minutes session, or we can set up your digital footprint and give you the keys, we are happy to help either way!


Why should you hire us as your marketing consultant?

Cost Effective Solutions

Let us set it up for you , or manage your digital social media profiles monthly, choice is yours and cost is no issue!

Get Long Term ROI

No more youtube videos, no more “right out of college” kids, you will work with a local business owner in the community and understands some of the challenges with reaching the millennial consumers you are trying to reach.

What Makes Us Different

What makes us different from the many others that claim to offer the same service, is our willingness to show you and point you in the right direction, not just take the reigns and drive it for you.

Mature Approach to Marketing

Never miss another referral by not being able to be tagged on social media. Many groups and members of certain social media ask for referrals on an everyday basis, don’t be left out of the converstion


Handling Today’s Consumer has customized several packages to help leverage technology and give your company the maximum amount of exposure! In addition, we are able to tailor a marketing package that meets your needs specially, contact us to discuss the details of your business and how we can help.

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